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4 Tips For Making Your Next Move Quick And Efficient

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When you have to make last-minute plans to move, packing and organizing your belongings can be overwhelming. Although it is difficult to have a stress-free move with limited time, there are ways to move seamlessly without significant planning.

Build A Strategy

You should consider your cleaning and packing strategy based on the layout of your residence. This is especially important if you live in a residence with multiple floors. Try to designate the rooms closest to the front of your residence as the place where you will store packed boxes. This will make it easier for you and the movers to quickly take boxes and furniture out of the door. Once you have designated a convenient "holding" area for packed items, start your cleaning and packing in that location to clear out space.

Next, you should determine which rooms or areas of your residence are the most difficult to pack or move items. It is better to start with the most difficult areas because they are the most time and energy consuming. If you have multiple floors, the upstairs is likely the most difficult. It is much easier to leave boxes at the bottom of the stairs and bring items down to pack. This will minimize the need to move heavy boxes downstairs.

Use Plastic Containers

Although cardboard boxes are inexpensive and easily accessible, you should try packing items in plastic containers. They are sturdier than boxes and are much easier to grip when lifting. Since you can easily open and close the container, there is no concern about forgetting to pack an item and having to unseal a box. Try to purchase containers of varying sizes. Leave smaller containers for heavier items, such as books, to avoid making them impossible to lift.

If you have a pest problem at your current residence, once you have completely packed the container, you can seal the lid with tape. Since there are no additional seams and most pests cannot easily chew through thick plastic, it is unlikely the contents will become infested when properly sealed. Additionally, some pests are attracted to cardboard boxes because they serve as a hiding place and food source. Traditional moving boxes can be a bad idea if you have a pest problem.

Buy Stretch Wrap

A large roll of stretch wrap is a helpful moving supply. If you have furniture in your home with drawers, such as dressers, night stands or entertainment centers, you want to secure the drawers in place. Once you have cleaned out all the drawers, apply the stretch wrap tightly around the furniture to keep the drawers closed while they are being carried out or during transit.

Stretch wrap also works well to protect mattress sets during your move or if you will need to keep them in storage. You can also use stretch wrap as an extra layer of protection to wrap boxes or containers if you are concerned about moisture damage or pests. Protect electronics by covering them with blankets or other soft material and securing them with a layer of stretch wrap. Since stretch wrap is typically sold in large rolls, it is an economical moving supply with many uses.

Plan Loading The Truck

If you are well organized before it is time to load the moving truck, you can save time when you are at your new residence. When the truck will be completely unloaded upon arrival at your new residence, it is better to load the most important containers and furniture items first. If you have containers with items you might place inside a closet or will not access in the near future, they should be placed on the truck last.

Since the last items placed inside the truck will be the first taken out when you arrive at your residence, they will be on the bottom when stacked or located behind other items when the truck is completely unloaded. A little planning can prevent you from spending unnecessary time finding the box you need, especially after a long day of moving.

Moving often requires significant planning, but you can achieve an organized move without weeks to spare. Developing a quick and efficient plan and using higher quality moving supplies can take some of the stress out of moving when you have limited time.

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