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Moving While Pregnant? 4 Tips for Success

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As families grow, it's often an ideal time to look for a new place to live. If you're pregnant and planning a family move, it's important to stay organized and calm about the situation. With the upcoming birth, it can be easy to get distracted and overwhelmed. By using the following tips, you can have the most success while moving while pregnant. With some help from your partner and moving companies, you can have the smoothest transition possible into a new home and a new life with your baby.

Don't Open Baby Shower Items

Hosting a baby shower is an exciting time where you get to spoil your newborn with all types of items like cribs, baby chairs, and accessories. Instead of giddily unpacking the items and putting them together, you should leave everything in its original packaging. This will make the move a lot easier. Even though you may be tempted to set up the new dresser for the baby, it's important to wait until their new nursery is set up and ready to go.

When working with a moving company, you can have them leave all of the baby shower items in the planned room for the baby. Once you're settled in the house, you will have the ability to scope out the space and unpack the items that you actually need. The rest of the gear will remain in its original package and make it easy for returns and exchanges.

New Home Cleaning

When you're moving into a new home, you may be tempted to clean and polish everything so it looks shiny and new. Instead of scrubbing it yourself, you may want to put that new cleaning off until after the baby is born. Many doctors and medical resources recommend that pregnant mothers stay away from cleaning products like cleaning cloths, bleach, and oven cleaner. Look to your partner to complete some of the cleaning, or you can hire a company to complete a deep cleaning before any items are moved into the home.

Avoid Legit Heavy Lifting

Before the baby is born, you should avoid any excessive bending or lifting or boxes that are packed for the move. A full service moving company can help you each step of the way. This includes packing items, moving boxes, and placing them in your new home. Instead of putting in the physical work, you can contribute mentally. This task is completed by preparing a full list of items to be moved and the rooms where you want them placed. This will help moving companies place your furniture and other small items in the house. Once it is all placed, you can get settled down a lot faster than if you were moving yourself.

If you're eager to help, you can save some of the boxes to unpack for after the baby is born. The extra work that you save for yourself can also help increase your post-birth exercise and lessen the baby bump that is left after birth.

Establish Baby's New Schedule

By having all of the big items moved in as soon as possible, you can quickly develop a new routine in your new home. This will help you adapt a smooth transition and schedule for when the baby is born. Instead of adjusting schedules or disrupting nap times, the home should be ready for an everyday routine. It will also be nice coming home from the hospital and having the nursery all ready for your child. They can quickly adjust to the new home, areas to sleep, and the environment that surrounds them. If you still have a lot of items to move and unpack, the noise and disturbances can throw the first few weeks off. Develop the routine and let things go smoothly from there.

By explaining your due date to a moving company, they can help expedite the move as needed. Movers understand all different situations and especially the physical limitations that come with a pregnancy. Paying the extra for full service moving will make a big difference on your physical strain and stress.