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Getting Ready To Rent Out Your Basement? Rent A Storage Unit Beforehand

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Generating income from the home that you own and live in is an excellent way to reduce stress and either save up more money or pay your home loan at a faster rate. But, you cannot just rent out a finished basement if it is furnished and you have been using it for months or years. While you could rent it out furnished, you can reach a greater audience by removing all furnishings.

This means that you will need to find a new home for all the basement items. Renting a storage unit from a nearby storage facility is an excellent solution to your problem.

Avoid Clutter in Your Home

The first thing that you will benefit from when renting a storage unit is not having to worry about excessive clutter in your home. Although you may enjoy the extra income, you may start to have family complications when your pantry, closets, and bedrooms start overflowing. You may not want to invite family over and your kids may not want to bring friends over to a cluttered home.

Keep Your Possessions

While you may find it worthwhile to sell some of the furniture and decorations in the basement, you should not feel the need to get rid of everything. An ideal way to maximize savings is to go through the basement and determine which items you do not want to get rid of at all. Then, you can pack all these possessions and then organize them into a corner space of the basement.

The next step is using a measuring tape to determine the length and width of the space. This should give you a decent estimate of how much space you need inside a storage unit.

Protect Your Items

An important benefit of using a storage unit is being able to better protect your items. For instance, trying to fit items into a closet that is already full could lead to breakage. Every box needs to be packed with adequate support on the top and sides to avoid collapsing. Overfilling boxes to save on space is a common issue that can cause the bottom of boxes to start ripping.

While you will want to invest time and effort into safely packing everything, you will not have to worry about cutting corners to save on space when you rent a storage unit over using your home.

Renting a storage unit, such as from Penn  Plaza Self Storage , is a crucial step on the path to renting out your basement.