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Preparing For The Arrival Of Movers: Four Steps To Take Before Moving Day

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Hiring a moving company takes some of the stress and workload off of your shoulders, but that doesn't mean you won't need to prepare for the arrival of your moving crew. With the right preparations, you can make the move a bit easier on everyone, including yourself. Here are some steps to take in advance of moving day.

Measure Furniture

You may find that some of your furniture simply doesn't fit through the doorways in your home. You might have even forgotten how you got a large sofa or dresser in the home when you moved in. Take some time to measure your large pieces of furniture to determine if they will fit through your doorways. Some items can be moved by removing the doors of your home from the frames, while others may need to be disassembled. If you have a piece of furniture that you can't find a plan of action for, consult with the moving company in advance. The movers can make special arrangements to hoist the items out of a window instead of moving them through the doors of your home.

Disassemble What You Can

While you can pay to have your moving company disassemble and reassemble furniture for you, doing this task on your own can save time and money. By having all of your furniture prepped and ready to go, your moving crew can simply load up the moving truck and transport your items to your new home. If you aren't fond of the idea of doing everything yourself, consider doing the disassembly on your own and paying the movers to reassemble your furniture once it arrives in your new home.

Stage Boxes Outside

If the weather permits, consider staging boxes outside of the home. This might be in the driveway or in your front yard. Use old blankets to provide a protective layer against moisture if you stage the boxes on grass or dirt. With all of the boxes out of the house, your moving crew can focus on getting the furniture out of the home first, and the movers can then make a quick visual assessment about the order your boxes should be loaded onto the truck. In the event of bad weather, consider staging the boxes in your main living area, separate from your furniture.

Have Someone Home

It's important to have a point of contact for your moving company, both in your old home and your new one. Assign a friend or family member to stay at your new home to await the arrival of the moving crew, and take on the task of directing the move at your old home yourself. Once the movers are done, you can stay behind to clean up, all while knowing that someone is ready to let the movers into your new home.

Ask your movers if they has any preference for how you stage boxes and prepare for moving day. Following the movers' advice can also make the day go by quickly and with fewer issues.