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Gaining A Better Understanding Of Types Of Steel Metal Roofing

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Opting for metal roofing yields a roof for your home that can last a really long time and generate an appealing exterior appearance. Steel is one of the most commonly used types of metal roofing, and there are multiple types of steel roofing. You are bound to come across some types of steel roofing that you have not seen before. Here is a look at some of the types of steel roofing you may find that you will want to know more about. 

What does it mean if steel roofing is galvanized?

If you see steel roofing that is labeled as galvanized, it basically means the sheets have been treated with a layer of zinc. Zinc acts as a protective coating, so the steel does not break down so easily when it is consistently exposed to the rain and sun. Steel on its own does corrode, and it will start to rust rather quickly. Therefore, going for galvanized steel roofing is going to give you a more durable product overall. If steel sheets are not galvanized, they may be coated with paint or other protective treatments. 

What does it mean if steel roofing is corrugated?

Corrugated metal roofing is fashioned out of sheets that have been pressed or formed to have a ridged or wavy appearance. Many homeowners like the corrugated look because it is most akin to the traditional old tin roofs. Corrugation gives the roofing panels a very telltale shape and appearance, but the purpose of the shape is a lot more important; the ridges encourage water to flow easily down off of the roof. Therefore, you will find that a lot of metal sheets have some form of corrugation. 

What does it mean if a steel roof has a standing seam?

Most metal roofing is installed with small strips of metal that guard the primary seams, or the seams barely overlap, so it is not noticeable. However, there may be situations when a standing seam will be used to finish the roofing installation. A standing seam stands up off of the main surface of the roof a little higher than usual, which makes it highly noticeable. However, the point of having the standing seam is that it creates a series of lines across the full roof that are visually appealing. The end result is pretty impressive, and the standing seams that interlock the panels protect those joined seams through the years. 

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