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How To Streamline Your Company's Shipping Program

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When you have a store that sells goods online, you likely spend a lot more money on shipping than you care to admit. And when you spend a lot on shipping changes, you are essentially throwing money out the window. Rather than dropping off your goods every day at the post office or a 3rd party shipping company, you may want to consider streamlining your entire shipping process. But how? 

Create a Packaging Department

The last thing that you want is to send your customers the wrong goods. To help ensure that everything gets sent out correctly before you have your freight company come out, set up a packaging department whose sole responsibility is printing orders, packaging orders, and then getting everything to be picked up. When you are hiring help for the packaging department, just make sure that you offer them all of the training they need so that things are as streamlined as possible. 

Hire a Freight Forwarding Company

A freight forwarding company is a type of freight company that is designed to help businesses just like yours. Their main goal is to ensure that all of your goods get to your customers as quickly time which can help save a lot of time and money. Not only will this type of service come out to your warehouse and pick up the packages which can save you a trip, but they may even offer you some discounts. For instance, depending on how much you ship every day, they may be able to offer you extremely discounted shipping so that you can offer your clients free shipping on goods sold in the US. When you are able to knock down shipping charges, you are more likely to get customers to buy goods from you and you're more likely to increase your revenue overall. 

If the holidays are your busy season (like they are for most stores), then having a freight forwarding company will especially come in handy and will make sure you don't fall behind. Plus, if you are shipping extra during the holiday season, you may be able to work out even more of a discount from your shipping company. 

When your company has a streamlined shipping process, you are more likely to have a successful online store. To learn more about freight forwarding companies and how to hire the one that's best for you and your company's needs, start interviewing different companies near you.